Dermatology (Skin & V.D.)

Location : 1st floor No : Ward No. :

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Working days : All Working days

Working timings : 09-00 a.m to 01-00 p.m/ 3-00 p.m – 05-00 p.m

The Department deals diseases of skin, hair, nails, sexually transmitted infections and cases of Leprosy.

There are 8 beds for admitting patients with dermatological emergencies, serious skin diseases, infectious diseases of the skin and patients with complication of leprosy.

Special Dermatosurgical & Cosmetic procedures are done in the OPD

Procedures Indications
1 Electrocautery (using ELLMAN Radiofrequency) Warets, Frecakles, Lentigeus, Benigh skin tumours, Skin, tags, DNP.
2 Internationale Steroids Keloides, Lichen planus, Alopecia areata, Psoriasis, LSC, Vitiligo, etc.
3 Cryosurgery Warts, Benign skin tumours etc.
4 PUVA Therapy ( Psorane+UVA light therapy ) For Vitiligo, Psoridsis etc.
5 Vitiligo Surgeries Dermabrasion, Suction Blister Grafting, Punch Grafting, Spot Chemical wounding, Tatooing.
6 Iontophoresis Palmoplantar, Hyper Hydrosis
7 Electrolysis Excessive Hair Growth
8 Acne Surgeries Comedone Extraction Acne Scar Subcission , Chemical Peels
9 Chemical Pilling & Glycolic Acid Melasma & Other Pigmentory Disorder
10 Chemical Catery Warts, Xanthelasma, Molluscum etc
11 Molluscum Extraction Molluscum bodies
12 Nail Surgery Diagnosis of Diseases affecting the nails
13 Excision Moles, Tatoo removal