The department of ENT , is located ON the FIRST FLOOR of the OPD Section of RAIGAD Hospital & RC, It caters to the needs of ENT out patients consultations, wherein, in addition to the routine out patient work up, there are facilities for audio logical evaluation and minor operative procedures. The temporal bone dissection lab in the OPD, helps the faculty’ and residents, to master the art of basic ear surgery. The audio logy clinic functions everyday to detect and treat patients with deafmutism, acquired hearing loss and senile hearing aberration.

The staff and residents are available round the clock to attend to emergencies. The in patients section for all the categories of patients are available depending upon then desire and pocket. The high tech operation theatre is well equipped with. new gadgets like fibreoptic scopies, nasal endoscopes in addition to conventional ENT surgeries including microscopic procedures. The related disciplines like Neuro surgery’. Plastic surgery, Pediatric surgery and radiology helps for collaborative work.

The routine ear, nose and throat operations are being preformed keeping in mind the newer developments and concepts in the specialty.

Rhinoplasty, laryngectomies & Head and neck procedures have helped the patients of this region to avail the facilities at their doorstep. All these operations are being preformed at an affordable cost to the patients. The vertigo clinic is held every week to evaluate the patients with vertigo .The clinic setup includes microscopy, audiometer, calorimetric, brain stem evoked response audiometric and CT-scan. The allergy’ tests are done in the allergy” clinic .