The RAIGAD HOSPITAL has got excellent facilities for patient care like isolation beds, separate male/female wards, two pediatric beds, modified E.C.T (Electro Convulsive Therapy) room along withRecovery rooms, Activity / Recreation Therapy room and Cubicles for Counseling and Psychotherapy. The ward also has teaching room and departmental library. Psychological testing is available for the assessments. Psychotherapy and Behavior therapy services for treatment purposes are available. An EEG monitored ECT machine and a separate 32 channels EEG machine are also available. With the availability of excellent infrastructure and full pledged faculty which includes Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers & Counselors the department is progressing with improved patient attendance, patient care & treatment and teaching programmes. The department also is involved actively in the community based needs & faculty members participate in various community activities connected with Mental Health.

Department runs out patient and In-Patient departments. OPD services are available on all the days of week. 8 bedded In-Patient facility with special facilities for children, intensive care and acutely disturbed patients is licensed by State Mental Health Authority . All patients are seen, assessed and treated as required which includes comprehensive consultation-Liaison Psychiatric Services.

The Department is actively involved in teaching and research activities. Training & Teaching of Undergraduate & Post-Graduate Medical students, Nursing students and Students from other disciplines in Psychiatry goes on throughout the year.

The Department has well equipped E C T facility including anesthesia & EEG Monitoring equipments. It also has a 32 channel digital EEG facility. The Department has facilities for Psychological testing.

The Department has qualified Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatric Social Workers who provide various forms of treatments including Drug treatment, ECT treatment, Narco analysis, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychosocial Interventions & Rehabilitation services

Department runs two specialty clinics every week.

Deaddiction Specialty Clinic – on Wednesday
Geriatric Psychiatric Specialty Clinic – on Thursday
The Department is active in providing community mental health services by conducting camps, observing world suicide prevention day and mental health day.